1. How much of my order goes to charity?

20% of the value of cards that you order will be paid to your nominated Charity.

2. Why won't my logo upload?

Follow the instructions carefully when uploading your logo. Only a high resolution at 300dpi or the minimum dimensions of 200 x 1000 pixels logo can be uploaded in either JPEG, PNG & GIF.

3. Can I contact someone about my unique requirements?
4. How long will my printed cards take to arrive?

Your cards will be despatched within 3-5 working days*. If your cards have not arrived after this time please contact info@charitycardmarket.com.au Please keep in mind, due to COVID, deliveries with Aust Post may take long than expected.

5. Why is the unit cost on the invoice more than the card cost?

The unit cost on your invoice includes the overprinting cost as well as the card cost.

6. What makes Charity Card Market eco-friendly?

All our greeting cards are printed with biodegradable soy-based inks on environmentally friendly paper stock. Our high quality paper stock is produced in ISO14001 accredited facilities ensuring all processes involved in production are of the highest environmental standards. FSC Mixed Sources CoC certification ensures fibre is sourced from certified & well managed forests.

7. Can I buy from the Personal Cards range on behalf of my company?

Yes. Our Personal Cards are available to anybody wanting to purchase greeting cards off-the-shelf in packs of 10.

8. Can I buy from the Personalised Christmas Cards range if I don't have a company?

Yes. Our Personalised Christmas Cards are available to anybody wanting to customise the inside of their greeting card.

9. What quality can I expect when my cards arrive?

We have been producing high quality charity greeting cards since 1993. We use only high quality paper stock. Our cards are printed by an award winning printer in Melbourne.

10. What if I make a mistake on the inside?

The pdf of your Card layout acts as your proof. Please check your pdf proof and order details carefully and correct any mistakes prior to completing your order. Francis Maurice Design does not check proofs on behalf of its customers. You cannot make changes after your Card is printed.

11. Why does the html preview look different to the pdf proof?

The html preview is indicative only. Different internet browsers may show the preview slightly differently. The html preview is a guide to help you when creating your card layout through our wizard. The PDF proof accurately shows your final layout. The PDF is used to print the inside of your card.