How charity greeting cards work

You can purchase from a huge selection of Christmas cards and cards for other occasions on this site. You can choose between creating you own customised greeting card or selecting from our off-the-shelf greeting cards (packs of 10). 20% of the value of the cards is distributed to the intended charity.


Personalised Christmas Cards

All our Corpoarate greeting cards are completely blank inside. You select the charity you wish to support and customise the inside of your selected card design with your own message and logo.


Personal Christmas Card Packs of 10

All our Personal greeting cards are pre-printed with the charity and greeting on the inside of the card. They are available to be ordered straight off the shelf.


Easy Steps to Creating a Personalised Christmas Card:


1. Select a card
Preview our cards in the relevant categories. Click the preview button so you can see each card design and choose the one that appeals to you. We have over 70 cards to choose from. You don’t need to be registered to view our cards.


2. Select the charity
View from our large range of charities and then select the charity of your choice (the charity receives 20% of the value of your cards). They will be delighted to receive your support!


3. Customise
Our system will guide you all the way. All cards require your personal message with a choice of font, size and you can also include your company logo in the card layout. Follow the instructions carefully when uploading your logo. Only a high resolution at 300dpi or the minimum dimensions of 200 x 1000 pixels logo can be uploaded in either JPEG, PNG & GIF. Once you have added these elements you can preview your card which will act as your online proof. To APPROVE your layout, simply click on the continue button.


4. Register
Enter your details and create your account. Register an account to complete your card.


5. Add the Quantity
Once you have registered you can add the quantity, select the colour for the overprinting which must reflect the logo you have uploaded, if it is in Black & White, you click on Black/Greyscale colour option, same if it is in CMYK (Colour).


6. Payment
Add your payment details to verify your card transaction. Payment is in Australian dollars. Credit card payments can be made using Visa or Mastercard.


7. Your Card Summary
Once you have made your payment, a summary of the card is shown ready for print. Click on Print and GO!


8. Confirmation
A confirmation of your order will be emailed to you shortly after.